We need married couples who know they’re appointed and anointed to be difference-makers. Commit to less than an hour and, together, listen to the message uninterrupted within 72 hours. [STAY UPDAPTED]

Challenge 2:
 “Family Alive in Jesus Christ”
Fr. Nathan Cromly (
40 minutes)

Marriage and family are often the most challenging, but most impactful, places to encounter and live God’s love. What does that look like? What does that take? Listen now to Fr. Nathan Cromly’s talk at a Kingdom Builders evening. REGISTER NOW for LIT Marriage Mission Retreat led by Fr. Nathan on Saturday, January 13 at St. Joan of Arc, followed by 7 weeks of LIT Groups on an evening that works.

Challenge 1:
 “Spiritual Patriarchy”
Pastor Tony Evans (
25 minutes)
Lots of men have children, but that doesn’t automatically qualify them as “fathers.” Monday on The Alternative, Tony Evans explains that there’s a job description that goes along with that title, and offers suggestions on how to carry it out.