Join us on a nine-week journey.

MASS IMPACT with Annunciation Radio is utilizing Fr. John Riccardo’s “The Rescue Project” ( to guide an extraordinary journey of rediscovering our story (Fr. John Riccardo will be speaking at Annunciation Radio’s Faith Warriors Banquet March 14). The 9-week series begins the week of January 21, 2024, which takes us through Lent, completing the week before Holy Week. For leaders, we’d have a connection/orientation evening the week of January 14.

THE FORMAT is a great gathering time of about 2 and a half hours consisting of food/beverages, fellowship, prayer, the Rescue Project video series, and conversation.

THE BIG VISION. Each participant will have a Rescue Project Friend (RPF), someone in their group who will journey with them by simply touching base at least weekly (What’s an area of success? What’s an area of challenge? Prayer.) Particularly as the series leads us to embrace our anointing as disciples of Jesus Christ, to intentionally build the Kingdom, participants will be encouraged to invite another to join them in a subsequent series as their RPF, ideally, someone with whom they already have a good relationship. We want to cultivate a culture/context beyond mere consumers, but of RPF/mentors, and utilize this incredible series/tool to do that.

LEVEL 1: LEADER HOST. You will lead Rescue Project: Home Edition in your home. You will invite one person to co-lead with you, and up to 8 others, ideally, 3-4 strong individuals who will each invite their own RPF. (GET: Running Rescue for Facilitators)
LEVEL 2: LEADER PARTICIPANTS. You will join a group, inviting someone to be your RPF. (GET: The Story Guide for Participants)
LEVEL 3: PARTICIPANT. You are simply looking to participate. We will assign a group and RPF. (GET: The Story Guide for Participants)

INTO 2025 This will build a fabulous base of missioned community “living it,” plugged into annual men/women conferences and retreats beginning in 2025. 

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