MASS IMPACT is engaged with Fr. John Riccardo’s “The Rescue Project” ( to guide an extraordinary journey of rediscovering our story. The nine-week series begins the week of September 1, 2024, and continues through October 27.

THE FORMAT is a great gathering time of about 2.5 hours consisting of food/beverages, fellowship, prayer, the Rescue Project video series, and conversation.

THE BIG VISION. We are not about another program. We’re about fostering an ever-growing community of authentic, meaningful, missioned friendships anchored in faith. A former participant (RPF: Rescue Project Friend) will invite a new participant to journey with him/her through the nine-week series and commit to at least one quick-connect weekly (What’s an area of success? What’s an area of challenge? Prayer.) As we commit to the vision and plan, the “community of believers” will more and more become “one heart and soul” (Acts. 4:32-34). Missioned friendships will grow.

LEVEL 1: LEADER HOST. You will lead Rescue Project: Home Edition in your home. You will invite one person to co-lead with you and up to 3-4 strong RPF’s who will each, in turn, invite a new participant. (GET: Running Rescue for Facilitators)
LEVEL 2: RESCUE PROJECT FRIEND. You will join a group, inviting a new participant to join you. (GET: The Story Guide for Participants)
LEVEL 3: PARTICIPANT. You are simply looking to participate. We will assign a group and RPF. (GET: The Story Guide for Participants)

INTO 2025 This will build a fabulous base of missioned community “living it,” plugged into annual men/women conferences and retreats beginning in 2025. 

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