[BELOW an excerpt from Jason and Tammy’s testimonial shared at their parish, St. Peter (Huron, Ohio). KUDOS to Steve & Lorna Findley for being a disciple-making family, and Fr. Jeff McBeth for his awesome pastoral leadership.]

Steve & Lorna Findley invited us to a weekly LIT Group in addition to a Consecration to Mary. These were instrumental in taking our faith journey to a deeper level.”

Others have joined us for cameo appearances or longer stretches and great relationships have been formed. These LIT events have also been ‘social events/ and tend to involve bonfires, beer tasting, wine and cheese, etc.”

But there have been a lot of deep conversations, sharing of personal struggles, and discussions on how to live by the gospels. The discussions and insights on these evenings definitely prepare us for the upcoming Mass to hear the Word and put it into action—and to guess how Father Jeff will approach the theme into his homily.”  

I was not originally a fan of Ignite. I was working 11-12 hour days. Most of the time I would be late for the meal and just catch the tail end of a witness. But once within the church, I still did not get into it. In fact I found the music (which was near and dear to Tammy) was a distraction and often times I would be thinking about the to do list that was still waiting for me when I got home.”  

Then one time a really bad day. On my way home, to use a military term ‘I was coming in hot’. At the same time I was drawn to the Ignite that evening and felt that I needed to ‘give it all to God’. That Ignite set me ablaze.   Since then, I will do everything possible to at least make it to the Ignite part. Hot, tired, smelling of foundry sand and cutting oil I make it. I want it. I need it.”

I make it. I want it. I need it.

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