Meet the Karls

David and Erin Karl have been married for almost twenty years, and have been blessed with four children: Elijah, Zachary, Tobias, and Gianna. Erin works as a mental health therapist, while David is a mechanical engineer. They’re from Williston, OH and belong to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Genoa. 

Please share the short story of how you met and began dating.
We met through a mutual friend by chance one night… The rest is history.

What are some favorite family activities?
Going to Mass together, playing MarioKart, watching superhero movies, playing cards, being goofy in public places… making up cheesy jokes, etc.

Share a time you all really laughed as a family.
Telling jokes from Laffy Taffy wrappers on a recent road trip.

Describe a dream family vacation.
Lots of time together (maybe 4-5 weeks!), go to Rome/Vatican, and explore Europe together as a family before the kids get old enough to move away!

What do you love most about being married?
Learning how to express God’s love to each other, and having someone to help get to heaven!

What do you love most about your family?
We all enjoy many of the same activities, and we each truly want to know Jesus better.

What is your greatest challenge as parents and how are you working at it?
Knowing when to step in and when to allow kids to “fail”… prayer and guidance from the Holy spirit helps tremendously.

How does your family pray?
Try to pray Rosary daily, and ask each family member who they’d like to pray for before we start…

How do you measure success as a family, and what help do you need getting there?

Success is keeping the Catholic/Christian faith strong in our family! We need other strong Catholic families to join forces with!

How have Mass Impact and LIT Groups impacted your marriage and family life? Why do you think others should get involved?
We love the Mass Impact holy hours, and make it a point to attend during Advent especially. It allows us to reconnect with Our Lord and one another… Others should get involved to “ignite” or rekindle a personal relationship with Jesus for each family member- simple as that!

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